Katherine Canty

Katherine is a writer-director and editor-sound designer from Ireland. Her work is very performance-driven and she identifies as both an auteur and an actor's director. Her work is currently best described as experimental fiction, but she reserves the right to contradict herself.


Katherine graduated from the Manchester School of Art's Filmmaking MA in 2013. She then headed to London where she realised that working for free as a production intern in one of the world's most expensive cities was a waste of her talents. Tired of long, unpaid days on set which led nowhere, she decided to go rogue and a took a job as a waitress instead. To remain focused on her goals during this time, Katherine was quietly working on the script for what would become January Hymn. She returned to Ireland in late 2014 to wait for news on her application for the Irish Film Board's coveted Signatures scheme. The project was green-lit for funding and went into production in early 2015.


January Hymn is a personal reflection on grief. It sees a young woman, Clara, return home for the first anniversary of her father's death. All-female led in cast and crew, the film was shot in Katherine's native county of Laois in Ireland.

BOOTH exclusively premiered January Hymn's online release in December 2017. 


Katherine is currently in post production on the follow-up to January Hymn, Venus in Retrograde, an "anti-film". Venus in Retrograde invites you to spend a season in Hell, while The Magus, Mother of Wolves, watches over the proceedings...